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In his bestselling book 80/20 Running, Matt Fitzgerald makes the case for slowing down to get faster and shows runners how to break out of the “moderate-intensity rut.” These principles are now embedded in a selection of online 80/20 Run and Triathlon plans for athletes of all levels, beginner to elite.
80/20 Training plans are delivered on the TrainingPeaks and Final Surge online platforms. Both solutions offer comprehensive scheduling, logging, tools and analysis with outstanding web and mobile applications for all 80/20 plans.

Katie Walding

After switching to 80/20, I lowered my 5K time from 27:21 to 24:54, my 10K time from 57:27 to 55:06, my 10-mile time from 1:35:40 to 1:30:17, and my half-marathon time from 2:09:23 to 1:57:29. I never thought I’d be a sub-two-hour half marathoner!

Anna Rebel

80/20 is the best training plan I’ve ever done. It got me to my first PR  in three years  without beating me up and leaving me exhausted during the training. I love the variety of the workouts.

Nick Langer

The 80/20 method transformed me from a 3:13 marathoner to a 2:56 marathoner and a Boston qualifier.

Mark Conway

Slowing down to get faster simply works. I am living it!

80/20 training plans get results. Multiple studies reveal runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes improve the most when they consistently do 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the other 20 percent at moderate to high intensity. Virtually all professional endurance athletes obey this “80/20 Rule,” yet the typical recreational endurance athlete spends only 50-70 percent of his or her total training time at low intensity. This so-called “moderate-intensity rut” is by far the most common and costly training mistake that endurance athletes make. The solution? An 80/20 training plan that ensures the optimal intensity balance.

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