80/20 Bundles and Subscriptions

80/20 Endurance training plans can be purchased individually for use on the TrainingPeaks or Final Surge platforms. You can then manage your own subscription on those respective platforms.

For TrainingPeaks users, we also offer significant savings when you combine your 80/20 training plan and a TrainingPeaks premium subscription. These savings are provided through either an 80/20 Bundle (described below) or an 80/20 Subscription. While both options include a TrainingPeaks premium subscription, an 80/20 Bundle is for a specific plan over a fixed period and an 80/20 Subscription provides access to all 80/20 plans and workouts for an indefinite period as well as additional subscription benefits.


80/20 Bundles

Save up to 25 percent on your 80/20 training with an 80/20 Bundle. Your one-time purchase of a 80/20 bundle includes the structured workout plan of your choice plus a deeply discounted Premium TrainingPeaks.com subscription which lasts for the duration of the plan. Your TrainingPeaks subscription can start whenever you want to start your plan.

80/20 Bundle Sample Savings

80/20 Marathon Plan 4-month TP.com Subscription UnbundledBundledSavings
80/20 Ironman Plan 6-month TP.com Subscription UnbundledBundledSavings